Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I went to the iPod convention in Las Vegas!

Ok, I didn't REALLY go to an iPod convention in Las Vegas but I apparently thought I did. This blog is going to be a mixture of what I remember and what I was told. The iPod convention was something I was told...along with the fact that I dropped the f bomb every other word and flipped people off a lot. I don't want to give you the impression that I am miss innocent because the f bomb is not unheard of in my vocabulary...it just isn't my standard verbiage. I am not sure I have ever flipped someone off but I probably have!  lol. Apparently drugs don't bring out the best in people...  That is what people saw on the outside, on the inside it was even crazier. Everything was mix of some reality and a lot of crazy. 

First the somewhat normal dream. I was 100% sure that, after the wreck, I had driven my car into my apartment...TWICE!  That dream was so detailed that I thought I had been taken to court by someone who was buying the apartment next door (I live in a big apartment complex so I don't know where the apartment buyer came in). It took several days of talking myself through how it was impossible to drive into my apartment before I believed it. I would wake up thinking that I needed to call the apartment manager and see how much I owed for the damage.  

I remember my friends coming to see me (two groups of friends alternated driving the 4+ hour trip each week while members of my family were there almost every day when things things were touch and go). I also remember getting really mad at them because I thought we going out for dinner and drinks...I think that was the f bomb episode. For a while I was at a house in the country with a bunch of other people. I also thought I had been in like 10 different rooms. I remember talking to Mom once...not the actual conversation but just the feeling that I talked to her. I also knew she wasn't with me. One of my dreams revolved around my leg injury. They were going to allow medical marijuana but it was liquid marijuana (what do you expect from someone who thought a nurse borrowed a mylar balloon to wear on a date lol). The catch was that Mom was the only one that could put it on my leg. I knew that my friends and family were there but where was Mom?

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