Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rehab here we come!

When the plastic surgeon finally showed up, I was anxious to find out the the skin graft was doing. When I saw it, I thought the whole thing had failed but disgusting must mean great when it comes to grafts. As happy as he was about the graft, he was NOT happy that I was going to Plano for rehab!  He told me that the graft was taking 100% and, it anything happened, it would be my fault for not staying in Temple. That was a chance I would have to take. The drive to come see me was between an hour and a half to four hours for my friends and family.  In Plano, the drive was across town for most of them. The next step in the journey was going to require a lot of support so I had to go home. 

After I got clearance from the plastic surgeon, I was in an ambulance on the way to Plano within a matter of days. The trip was excruciating!  Every bump sent waves of pain through my lower body. By the time we got to Plano, all I wanted was pain medication!!  

Integra was everything I had hoped. There was a beautiful lobby with a grand piano. The sheets were soft and the room, other than the hospital bed, did look like a hotel. That first evening, I met one of my many doctors and tried to settle in. The next day I would start 3 hours of physical therapy 6 days a week. The days of being happy with one hop was over!  It was time to dig in and fight!  I had been in the hospital 2 months and rehab was the only thing standing between me and home. They were hoping I would get to go home in 6 weeks but that seemed like forever. Strangely, being in Plano made me feel even further from home. 

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