Monday, August 2, 2010

When the drugs are turned off...

The next period of my life was marked by the medical staff at Scott and White being able to to wake me up and make me sleep with the ease of flipping a light switch. 

When I woke up I was in the ER. There were bright lights, people poking me everywhere and asking if it hurt. YES IT HURTS!  STOP POKING ME!  When I wasn't gasping in pain or going through the latest round of hyperventilating, all I cared about was how Mom was. Most questions were answered with one my Mom ok.  There seemed to be one nurse who's sole responsibility was to keep me calm and take care of anything I needed. She called the ER in Brownwood and had them get Mom on the phone. She promised me that she was ok and would be with me as soon as she got out of the hospital. We said our I love you's...that is the last memory I have of her. I guess my iPhone made it on the helicopter with me because I vaguely remember the nurse asking me questions and calling someone to let them know about the wreck and that I wouldn't be at work Monday. It's funny how you actually worry about things like that when they are cutting a hole in your side and putting a tube into your lung with no painkiller. I remember begging for something for the pain and then the light was flipped off. 

The next time the light was flipped on, I was about to go into surgery. I have no clue what day it was. My cousins Nell, Pat, and Peggy were least I think they were all there...things were really fuzzy. I know Peggy was there because I remember being confused because I hadn't seen her in years!  The doctor explained how they were going to attempt to put pins in my broken pelvis but they could never be sure if it would work or not. You would think I would be freaked out waking up just minutes before major surgery but it all seemed perfectly normal. Ok, try the pins, whatever. I don't remember asking or even wondering what would happen if it didn't work. More bright lights, then they flipped the switch and I was out again. 

At this point I want thank my amazing family...both by blood and friendship. I started to list people and all the things they did but I don't want to forget anything or anyone. I am blessed beyond belief to have you in my life!  I love you all!!!

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